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The Sports Type 1 is the first vehicle in the Sports series. The car has a large tendency of oversteering and drifting without braking. This makes the Sports Type 1 a terrible choice for players new to the Sports series. Unfortunately, the first event of the Sports Series is a Burning Lap that can only be run using this car.

Unlocked upon completion of the Coupe Series, the Sports Type 1 looks like a welcoming car although its performance is poor. The acceleration is very quick but it has terrible grip and is constantly at risk of oversteering. It also lacks the strength necessary to score takedowns so it is not recommended for races or road rage.

The Sports Type 1 appears in blue, red and white.

How to Unlock[]

Awarded for unlocking the Sports Series which requires completion of Coupe Grand Prix.



The Sports Type 1 greatly resembles a mix of the 1999 Toyota MR2 and the Noble M10, a sports convertible manufactured by Noble Automotive, a British sportscar manufacturer known for manufacturing lightweight sportscars (hence the in-game stats which has high speed and low weight). The base could have been a 2000 Toyota Spyder.


  • In the Sports Series Unlocked video, the Sports Type 1 is seen painted in grey, but cannot be painted with that color in-game.

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