The Sports Coupe is one of the five starting vehicles in the original Burnout, and was one of the first to be developed for the game. As a "Medium" rated vehicle, it is good for players with some experience in racing games and is a good intermediate ground between the Supermini and some of the harder vehicles. At one point in development, it went by the name of Venom SX.

The Sports Coupe is an all-rounded vehicle with good control and decent acceleration. Although its top speed is identical to the Supermini, it is tied for 2nd highest cruising speed of all vehicles with the Tow Truck, only under the Saloon GT and the Muscle. The drifting is also much more responsive than the likes of the Saloon, making it a good choice for beginners and experts alike.

The Sports Coupe comes in five colors; red, blue, white, black and grey. Although not a possible option for the player, the CPU can color the Sports Coupe in yellow, a trait shared whit many of the vehicles in the original Burnout.

How to Unlock

The Sports Coupe is unlocked from the start of the game.


The Sports Coupe resembles a second generation Toyota MR-2. It also made a reappearance in Burnout Paradise in the form of the Nakamura SI-7.


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