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The Sport C190 Super, despite being very heavy, is a fast and reliable car for crash events. Whilst it may not have a Crashbreaker as powerful as the Sport C180 Lite, it's more nimble and quicker than the C180 Lite. The C190, like most other force 7 Crashbreaker cars, is a very good choice for players that have not mastered the force 8, 9, or 10 Crashbreaker cars.

Unique to this deluxe crash car, the Sport C190 Super has a Crashbreaker downgraded from its original counterpart. Apart from that, the car is faster and has more responsive handling than the C180 lite. The extra speed allows certain jumps to be made that wouldn't have been reached by the C180. This is the fastest crash vehicle.

The C190 Super is a symbolic car to Eastern Bay, as it features a Japanese license plate.

The Sport C190 Super can be painted dark gray, grey, yellow, purple, orange, silver, red or blue.

How to Unlock[]

  • For the PlayStation 2 and Xbox releases, earn a Bronze Medal at the Rank 9 Motor City Crash event - Jump On The Jam.
  • For the Xbox 360 release, earn a Bronze Medal at the Rank 5 Eternal City Crash event - Pasta Red Light.


This vehicle resembles a mix between an Aston Martin DB9, a Porsche 911 (996), a Dodge Viper (1st gen) and a TVR Cerbera.


  • Despite having a higher boost speed than the Sport C 180 Lite, it has a weaker Crashbreaker.