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The Sport 180 Lite may look like an old, junky car, but it has a powerful crashbreaker and a reasonable top speed, though not as fast as some crash cars. It is a good choice for smashing through other cars and its crashbreaker makes it an even better choice for crash junctions with large amounts of cars in them.

Although the crashbreaker force and speed of this car are the same as the Saloon C180 Super, the Sport C180 Lite is heavier. In spite of its weight, the car is very small and sticks to the road well, though it can be somewhat difficult to turn. It is very controllable in windy junctions but the weight is too much to make it across certain gaps.

In the PlayStation 2 and Xbox releases, the Sport C180 Lite can be selected with a grey, white, blue or black body paint colour.

How to Unlock[]

Get a Bronze Medal for the Rank 6 Central Route Crash event - Shao-Lin Tumble.


  • Despite having a lower boost speed rating than the Sport C190 Super, it has a stronger crashbreaker.