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The Sport is one of the seven starting vehicles in Burnout 2: Point of Impact. It has considerable speed, acceleration and handling capabilities. It doesn't appear to have any relation to the Sports Coupe from the original Burnout, though it may have been inspired from it.

With some impressive stats for a stock car, the Sport is one of the best starter vehicles, due to having an overall balanced set of stats, with good acceleration and high control. The speed is slightly lacking, but it still remains one of the fastest stock cars, perhaps only under the Muscle. While it may be a bit too fast for beginners, advanced players should be able to use this car without issue.

The Sport comes in seven colors; white, burgundy, red, yellow, gray, black and blue.

As an opponent in the Championship, it appears three times; the Winding Road Grand Prix, the Roller Coaster Grand Prix and the Street Storm Grand Prix. Depending on the player's choice of vehicle, it can also appear in The Run To The Sun as an extra opponent.

How to Unlock[]

Complete Offensive Driving 101.


The Sport slightly resembles a "New Edge" (1999–2004) Ford Mustang. The car also resembles the (1989-1995) Aston Martin Virage from the front.

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