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Extreme Hotrod Quarry Ramp

The Quarry Split Ramp is among the most popular in Paradise City.

Split Ramps are ramps that have one side raised at a visibly steeper angle than the other. Featured prominently in Burnout Paradise, this type of ramp is designed to allow a car to execute a Barrel Roll. These ramps hold the additional benefit of providing extra Air Time if the car jumps on the center of the raised portion. This can be especially useful for getting relatively slow cars over large gaps such as incomplete bridges.

Stunt Run Uses[]

In Stunt Run the player can use these ramps for any of the multipliers that are gained through the air: Air Time, Barrel Rolls, or Flat Spins. The most prominent of these three stunts is the Barrel Roll, which gives the player a +2 multiplier and can award an extra +1 multiplier if the player gains enough air time. To perform a Barrel Roll, the player must drive their car towards the Ramp and jump off the ramp at some point between the elevated and lower part of the ramp. The difference in elevation of the ramp as the car is flying will cause the car to begin spinning in a Barrel Roll. If the player can stay in the air long enough for the Barrel Roll to complete or simply flip over in the air fast enough, the Barrel Roll can be successfully performed. However, if it lands poorly such as landing sideways or upside-down the Barrel Roll doesn't count as the car becomes wrecked. Some of the lighter or faster stunt cars can do two (or more) Barrel Rolls off of a split ramp, even ones at ground level. As mentioned in one of the Crash TV podcasts, better Barrel Rolls can be performed if the wheels of the player's car which travel over the raised part of the ramp pass over the black and yellow striped section of it.

Other Event Uses[]

Like the other types of Ramps, the Split Ramp can also be used during other events to perform vertical takedowns on opponents. However, Split Ramps are not as useful as the others in this field because the lower portion of the ramp does not raise the car high enough and the elevated portion may put the player in danger of an incomplete and likely unnecessary Barrel Roll. They are most useful if the player drives directly at the center of the raised portion, but this is generally impractical at such high speeds.