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Lm classic rear

The LM Classic exemplifies speed cars. Its low strength statistics make it a very fragile car.

FeaturedArticle Speed boost was Burnopedia's Featured Article in April 2010.

Speed Boost Vehicles are among the quickest vehicles in the game. They have the highest speed and moderate to high maneuverability but have generally a very low resistance to damage. They are best used for Race events as their low thresh hold for damage limits their abilities in Road Rage and Marked Man events. This boost type has a bright yellow flame and utilizes the shortest boost bar in Burnout Paradise.


Speed Boost vehicles have a unique type of boost as it is only usable when the boost bar is completely filled. It is similar to the boost system used in both Burnout and Burnout 2: Point of Impact. The boost bar is about half the length of the boost bars used for the other boost types. If the boost is used completely in a single burst then the player will perform a burnout which will refill a portion of their boost bar. Driving through a Gas Station while boosting will guarantee the player a Burnout.

If enough stunts or driving maneuvers are performed whilst boosting then the boost bar will be completely refilled. This is called a Burnout Chain. The chain will continue until the either the boost button is released, the player fails to refill the boost bar or the player crashes the car.

Many early Speed Boost vehicles such as the Nakamura SI-7 and the Kitano Hydros Custom have a high pitched Flywheel sound cue to indicate that they are at their maximum cruising speed.


Manufacturer Vehicles Manufacturer Vehicles
Carson emblem 10 Jansen emblem 3
Kitano emblem 3 Krieger emblem 10
Montgomery emblem 4 Nakamura emblem 3
Rossolini emblem 6 Watson emblem 3


  • Performing a Barrel Roll or Takedown will completely fill a Speed Boost bar.
  • The Montgomery Hawker Mech has the longest Speed boost bar of any any Speed vehicle despite it being equipped with Switchable boost. This is probably done to keep the boost bar length equal to its Stunt Boost length.
  • A full burn of a Speed Boost bar will last for exactly 8 seconds, with the exception of the Hawker Mech, which lasts for about 10 seconds.
  • None of these speed class cars are good for Stunt Run whatsoever.
  • Speed boost vehicles are initially equipped with turbochargers to surpass the small engine capacity of earlier unlocks (Nakamura SI-7 and Hydros Custom). With latter models they still retain smaller body mass, a more aerodynamic body profile to help with wind resistance and a mid-engine or rear-engine rear wheel drivetrain to accelerate faster and have a more "racing" style maneuvaribility, being able to oversteer more easily (such as the Rossolini Tempesta).