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The Speed Streak Grand Prix is an event in Burnout 2: Point of Impact. More precisely a stage part of the Custom Series Championship, which it is unlocked alongside once the player completes the Custom Series Qualifier event.

It is the first stage of the Custom Series Championship and is composed of 4 Races. It is the easiest of the Custom Grand Prix, but is still harder than all of the Championship Grand Prix. The opponents in this Grand Prix are the Custom Sport, the Custom SUV and the Custom Compact. If one of these cars are used, the Custom Pickup will also show up.

Completing this Grand Prix unlocks the second custom car, the Custom Sport.


This event is comprised of 4 Races.

Title Icon Conditions
88 Interchange (R) 88 Interchange (R) B2 thumb Sunny
Crystal Summit Peak (R) Crystal Summit Peak (R) B2 thumb Sunny
Ocean Sprint (R) Ocean Sprint (R) B2 thumb Sunny
Sunrise Valley Springs (R) Sunrise Valley Springs (R) B2 thumb Sunny


  • Upon winning the Grand Prix, the player is rewarded with a trophy.
  • The Split Second Grand Prix is unlocked upon completing this Grand Prix. In addition, the Palm Bay Marina (R), Interstate Loop (R), Big Surf Shores (R) and Airport Terminal 3 (R) tracks are unlocked for Single Race and Time Attack modes.
    • Earning a Gold medal on every race in this Grand Prix (in other words, finishing all 4 races in 1st Place) unlocks Pursuit 4 and also contributes to the unlocking of the Infinite Boost Cheat.