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Burnout CRASH!'s soundtrack is composed of the theme song "Crash" by The Primitives as well as original background music. Occasionally, accompanying special vehicles or the Super Feature, extracts from other songs play, they are listed in the first table below. The original soundtrack is also played in the video game Need For Speed: Most Wanted (2012).

Licensed Soundtrack
Artist Track Album Played with
The Primitives "Crash" Lovely Menus, Gameplay
Vanilla Ice "Ice Ice Baby" To the Extreme Blizzard
Salt-N-Pepa "Push It" Hot, Cool & Vicious Bulldozer
Gloria Estefan "Dr. Beat" Eyes of Innocence Ambulance
The Weather Girls "It's Raining Men" Success Thunderstorm
Inner Circle "Bad Boys" One Way Bad Cops
Spandau Ballet "Gold" True Damaging the Gold Car
Dame Shirley Bassey "Big Spender (Pink Pound remix)" Get The Party Started Bank Truck
Giuseppe Verdi "Messa Da Requiem" During the Super Feature
Original Soundtrack
Track Composer
Burnout Theme (Tate Remix) Vanesa Lorena Tate
Crash City Vanesa Lorena Tate
Road Tripper Vanesa Lorena Tate
Traffic Attack Vanesa Lorena Tate
Detonate Me Vanesa Lorena Tate
Piled Up Vanesa Lorena Tate
Crush Hour Vanesa Lorena Tate