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Burnout 2 was the last game published by Acclaim and is the last game featuring a full soundtrack produced by Stephen Root.

The music produced for Burnout 2 is similar that of Burnout 1's soundtrack which was also produced by Stephen Root. The soundtrack has been emphasised and be changed depending on the player's situation. The music is fairly flat whilst the player is driving normally but the music gathers more layers with added bass and instruments once the player uses their boost.

These tracks return in Burnout Paradise but as their boosting versions excluding the track "The Miracle Mile" which did not make it.

Track List[]

Name Featured Courses
Bulldozer Blues Interstate Loop, 88 Interchange
Backlash Airport Terminal 1 & 2, Airport Terminal 3
A Photograph Palm Bay Heights
Bridge the Gap Palm Bay Marina
Panic Attack Sunrise Valley Downtown, Sunrise Valley Springs
Pass Me By Big Surf Grove, Big Surf Shores
Burnout Theme, Destroyer Mix Ocean Sprint
The Miracle Mile Heartbreak Hills
Childish Games Crystal Summit
Dark Moon Rising Freeway Dash

The Credits music is a mix combination of "Bridge the Gap" and "Dark Moon Rising".

Burnout Theme[]

One of the most recognizable pieces of music from Burnout 2 is the Main Menu theme. Pieces of the music can be heard in "A Photograph" and a heavier mix is included in "Ocean Sprint".