Burnout's soundtrack includes ten tracks that are heard in the various different levels of the game, plus two extra tracks for the Main Menu and Credits. Nine of the tracks would re-appear in remastered form in Burnout Paradise under different names.


The list below shows all of the tracks used for the Races in Burnout, with their alternate Burnout Paradise names. One track, Whiplash, does not appear in Paradise, so it does not have an alternate name.

Original TitleRemastered Track
Nought 260Halfway to Dreaming
EurorushRounder and Rounder
Heart FailureCaught on a Wire
In ControlFree
Dead AheadExodus
66 KicksChicken George
Downtown DriftLike My Shirt
Fatal InstinctFight or Flight
J RockTokyo Nights

In addition to these tracks, an unreleased track called Tokyo Nights (called J-Rock in Burnout's files) was included in Burnout Paradise. This is a music track that was meant for a Far East course, which was eventually cut, and can be found within the files of the Burnout disc. There is a respective tense track included within the disc as well, called Mental Oriental, confirming the Far East track's existence. For one reason or another, the track was scrapped, and these two music tracks would go unused in Burnout Paradise in Tokyo Night's case. The inclusion of a Far East track is not surprising, because Burnout 3, Burnout Revenge and Burnout Dominator all included Far East tracks.

Notes Edit

Each race track has a specific 'casual' and 'tragic' music track (for instance, Interstate has 66 Kicks as a casual track and Whiplash as a tragic one). Each set is played on a specific race track and it's alternate reverse counterpart. For example, 66 Kicks is played on both Interstate and Rush Hour. The song is looped when it reaches it's end, or when the player passes through every second checkpoint (even when the music track hasn't finished). When the player has crashed more than 3 times, the tragic track is played. The tragic track also loops when it reaches it's end.

In Burnout Paradise, the tracks do not loop, but instead fully play until it finishes like every other track in the game.