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Signature Shortcuts are a special variety of shortcuts in Burnout Dominator. A player must takedown a rival into a row of flashing yellow barriers to gain access to a shortcut on a track. Each track has 2 Signature Shortcuts.

List of Signature Shortcuts

Image Name Description


BD-SignatureShortcut1 Tight Squeeze Wipe the slates clean!
Dusty Detour Make a bee line for a tree line!


BD-SignatureShortcut2 Construction Destruction Slide rules were made to be broken!
Banned From The 'Bahn Give them the hard shoulder!

Bushido Mountain

BD-SignatureShortcut3 Higher Ground Leap before you look!
Gas Shortage Pump it up at the forecourt!

Spiritual City

BD-SignatureShortcut4 Back Alley Run Chase 'em down in Chinatown!
Bridge Blast Out Break some heads under Spiritual Bridge

Ocean Drive

BD-SignatureShortcut5 Tunnel Trouble Look for the trouble by the tunnels!
Lucky Dip See red by the sea view!

Steel Town

BD-SignatureShortcut6 Midtown Mayhem Unplanning permission required!
Hit Factory Strike by the steel works!

Glacier Falls

BD-SignatureShortcut7 Corner Cutter Turn while you burn!
Trail Blazer Smoke 'em out on the offroad track!

Black Gold

BD-SignatureShortcut8 Wholesale Mayhem Open the warehouse for business!
Gold Digger Strike it lucky by the pump jacks!

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