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Signature Shortcuts are a special variety of shortcuts in Burnout Dominator. A player must takedown a rival into a row of flashing yellow barriers to gain access to a shortcut on a track. Each track has 2 Signature Shortcuts.

List of Signature Shortcuts

Image Name Description


Tuscany Tight Squeeze Wipe the slates clean!
Dusty Detour Make a bee line for a tree line!


Autobahn Construction Destruction Slide rules were made to be broken!
Banned From The 'Bahn Give them the hard shoulder!

Bushido Mountain

Bushido Mountain Higher Ground Leap before you look!
Gas Shortage Pump it up at the forecourt!

Spiritual City

Spiritual City Back Alley Run Chase 'em down in Chinatown!
Bridge Blast Out Break some heads under Spiritual Bridge

Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive Tunnel Trouble Look for the trouble by the tunnels!
Lucky Dip See red by the sea view!

Steel Town

Steel Town Midtown Mayhem Unplanning permission required!
Hit Factory Strike by the steel works!

Glacier Falls

Glacier Falls Corner Cutter Turn while you burn!
Trail Blazer Smoke 'em out on the offroad track!

Black Gold

Black Gold Wholesale Mayhem Open the warehouse for business!
Gold Digger Strike it lucky by the pump jacks!

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