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An example of a Shut-Down screen involving the Watson 25 V16 Revenge.

A Shut Down is a Takedown of a yet-to-be-unlocked vehicle controlled by AI during Freeburn mode. This is the main method for players to unlock new vehicles in Burnout Paradise.

DJ Atomika will announce upon the completion of a certain number of events that a new vehicle with picture and name has entered Paradise City.

A vehicle that needs to be shutdown will randomly appear whilst the player is in offline freeburn and drive past the player. This rival vehicle can easily be distinguished from traffic, not just by appearance, but also by its constant use of Boost, alongside its unique engine sound. The vehicle will become available for the player to drive once they takedown that vehicle.

A message will pop up and inform the player that they have successfully shut down the rival vehicle once they take it down. The vehicle will be added to the Junkyard, where the player will find that it is in a damaged state, and will remain in such a state after a wreck until the player drives through an Auto-Repair.

The winding roads of White Mountain (such as North Mountain Drive) may be the most convenient environment to shut down rival vehicles. The roads there are narrow (making it easier to take down the rival), have less interfering traffic, and have few intersections (forcing the chased rival to follow a straight route).

Cars that have to be Shut Down[]

Vehicle Criteria For Unlock
Nakamura SI-7 Win 3 Events
Hunter Vegas Win 5 Events
Krieger Pioneer Win 7 Events
Kitano Hydros Custom Win 10 Events
Hunter Reliable Custom Win 13 Events
Watson R-Turbo Roadster Win 16 Events
Rossolini LM Classic Win 19 Events
Hunter Manhattan Win 22 Events
Carson Grand Marais Win 26 Events
Montgomery Hyperion Win 30 Events
Krieger 616 Sport Win 34 Events
Hunter Spur Win 38 Events
Montgomery GT 2400 Win 42 Events
Jansen P12 Win 46 Events
Carson Inferno Van Win 51 Events
Carson Opus Win 56 Events
Carson Annihilator Win 61 Events
Jansen X12 Win 66 Events
Kitano Touge Sport Win 71 Events
Hunter Takedown 4x4 Win 77 Events
Carson 500 GT Win 83 Events
Hunter Racing Oval Champ Win 89 Events
Hunter Citizen Win 99 Events
Watson 25 V16 Revenge Win 108 Events
Montgomery Hawker Win 116 Events
Krieger Überschall 8 Win 128 Events
Carson Thunder Custom Win 140 Events
Carson Hot Rod Coupe Win 154 Events
Krieger Racing WTR Win 168 Events


  • Only a maximum of 3 cars will appear on the streets when the player has managed to have more than two cars to Shut Down. Once one (or two) of them has been shut down, the other cars will appear in a similar fashion.
    • In rare occasions, one of these cars will appear randomly and overtake the player and then quickly followed by another car, as if they are chasing each other.
  • This feature is heavily similar to Burnout 2's Face Off.