A Series Event is a Multiplayer event available in Burnout Dominator. Five presets of either three our four events can be chosen for the Series.

Preset Listings

The five presets all contain their own, locked event types. These events cover Burning Lap, Road Rage and Maniac modes. players can choose from any Class unlocked for use in Record Breaker mode, and each preset is named after the type of events it contains. For instance, Lap Leader contains only Burning Lap events. The five presets are listed below. Note that you do not need to have unlocked these tracks in World Tour to play them here.

Lap Leader

Burning LapGlacier FallsForward
Burning LapAutobahnForward
Burning LapBushido ValleyForward

Road Skill

Road RageSteeltown WorksForward
Road RageAutobahnReverse
Road RageSpiritual ValleyForward

All Rounder

Burning LapSpiritual TowersForward
ManiacAutobahn LoopForward
Burning LapOcean DriveReverse
ManiacBushido PeakForward

Mixed Grill

ManiacGlacier FallsReverse
Road RageSpiritual GateReverse
ManiacOcean DriveForward
Burning LapTuscan HillsForward

Mostly Harmful

Burning LapBushido PeakForward
ManiacSteeltown WorksReverse


  • The title of the preset Mostly Harmful is a reference to the Douglas Adams novel, Mostly Harmless.
  • There is a glitch in the car selection menu for this mode, where Player 1 has to press Exit twice in order to get back to the Series Selection screen. This doesn't affect any other participating players.
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