The Hard-rated Saloon GT is one of the fastest vehicles in Burnout. It is the successor to the Saloon. Its bad handling can create issues when encountering hairpin corners and congested traffic areas which can pose an extreme threat at high speeds. Grinding along a wall will instantly drop the Saloon GT's speed thus giving the player a hard time to regain speed if they having trouble controlling the car. The Saloon GT is excellent for those who either desire speed or are looking for a challenging vehicle.

How to Unlock

Winning Face-Off 3 will unlock the Saloon GT.


The Saloon GT's overall appearance is similar to that of the Nissan Skyline 25 GT with a Nismo body kit.

The Saloon GT returns in Burnout Paradise as the Nakamura Ikusa GT and in Burnout 2: Point of Impact as the Japanese Muscle.


  • The full name for the vehicle is the Tenrai VII.[1]
  • The Saloon GT is a heavily modified tuner two-door vehicle. The original Saloon is a luxury car.
  • The Saloon GT is the only vehicle in the original Burnout with a manufacturer name visible - "Tenrai." Tenrai does not appear in any other Burnout game.
  • It's called "JMUSCLE" in the game files.


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