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The Saloon GT is one of four unlockable vehicles in Burnout. It is the "hard" rated successor to the stock Saloon and appears as a heavily modified tuner vehicle in contrast to the stock Saloon's more luxury design.

Being a "hard" rated vehicle, it is exceptionally fast. It is comparable with the Muscle, sharing a similar cruising speed and top speed whilst also boasting similar acceleration.

What the Saloon GT has over the Muscle though is handling, as it isn't as slippery and uncontrollable as the Muscle can be. That doesn't make it easy to control, however, as it is still prone to losing control at high speed.

It also suffers from a unique hindrance; due to the exposed nature of its wheels, grinding against a wall will instantly drop its speed and will often bring it to a complete stop. It can be difficult to recover from this, as it won't accelerate as quickly after grinding against a wall. It is not a good car for beginners to use at all, but despite all of its flaws, it is best suited for players that can maintain its top speed.

The Saloon GT comes in five colors; red, white, grey, black, and blue.

How to Unlock[]

Win Face-Off 3.


The Saloon GT's overall design appears to have been based on a Nissan Skyline 25 GT with a Nismo body kit.



  • At one point during development, it went by the name Tenrai VII[1]. Tenrai can still be seen on the back of the car.
  • It is referred to as the "JMUSCLE" in the game's files.
  • Although not a possible option for the player, A.I. drivers can select the Saloon GT in yellow.


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