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The Saloon C180 Super is the upgraded version of the Saloon C175 Mid, with a faster top speed and a stronger Crashbreaker.

The Saloon C180 Super is a redesign of the original Saloon car from the first Burnout game, but it is only available as a crash vehicle. For a mid-weight crash car, it has a very strong crashbreaker along with responsive handling. While the car's speed is fine, its acceleration is lacking. The Saloon isn't designed for getting into junctions the fastest, but it is fairly quick compared to larger cars.

Represented as a car of White Mountain, the Saloon C180 has a Switzerland license plate that reads SW-01-CR (Swiss Crasher 1).

Colors that can be chosen include black, grey, green, burgundy, bluish black, silver, red, and blue

How to Unlock[]

PS2/Xbox Earn a medal in the Angel Valley - Crash 'Silly-Cone Valley' in a Rank 8.

Xbox 360 Earn a medal In the Lone Peak Crash Live And Let Crash in a Rank 10.


The Saloon C180 Super has a strong resemblance to the first and second generations of the Škoda Octavia as well as the fourth generation Volkswagen Jetta. Its taillights also resemble the Lexus IS300.


  • The first color choice is unique and cannot be chosen after the vehicle has it's color changed. It's unique because the rims are gold, and all other paint colors do not have the gold rim color.

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