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The Saloon is one of the five starting vehicles in the original Burnout. It is a "Medium" rated luxury car, with average speed, fair handling and a decent top speed. At one point in development, the vehicle was known as the Longbow EXC 300. [1]

As a "Medium" rated vehicle, the Saloon has average performance. It shares its top speed with many other vehicles in the game and only has its cruising speed increased from the Supermini by 1. Although the handling is fairly responsive, drifting is quite clunky and will take a while to fully get into a drfit, which can be a problem on courses such as Hillside Pass, where numerous hard turns are frequent and require hard drifts. Overall, it is a good choice for beginners, although it is outclassed by the Sports Coupe, the Muscle and, when they are unlocked the Roadster and the Saloon GT.

The Saloon is the first vehicle in the series to have an upgraded counterpart, in the form of the Saloon GT. However, neither vehicles look alike. In a way, this could be considered a predecessor to Burnout 2's custom series.

The Saloon comes in five colors; white, blue, red, black and gray. Although not a possible option for the player, the CPU can color the Saloon in yellow, a trait shared with most of the vehicles in the original Burnout.

How to Unlock[]

The Saloon is unlocked from the start of the game.

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