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The SI-7 is the first speed boost vehicle that the player receives, and overall, the fourth in the Junkyard. For this reason, the burning route is simple and straight forward, boasting just one 90º turn.


Head east, along 9th Street, weaving between traffic and boosting continuously. Carry onto Glancey Avenue and never let that boost bar become empty. Undoubtedly, the hardest part of this Burning Route, is the 90º corner, turning left onto Andersen Street. Try to not hit the supports for the Elevated Rail. The final stretch can easily be completed, and the finish line reached with plenty of time to spare. The route described here permits the player to wreck 2-3 times, if fierce driving follows each crash. (Estimated time of arrival: 0:47 seconds)

Alternate Route[]

Continue on along 9th street, same as the first route except instead of carring onto Glancey turn left on 7th Street. Immediately turn right off of 7th and into the train yard. Try to get over to the left of the trainyard. Watch out for the supports of some building as they are scattered throughout the trainyard. An access ramp should be visible at the end of the yard on left. Merge onto 4th Street then after passing Webster Avenue, turn onto Angus Wharf. Continue along Angus and eventually reach the destination. This route prevents turning directly turning into one way oncoming traffic on Anderson Street. (Estimated time of arrival: 0:54 seconds)



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