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Disambig iconThis article is about the Cheat variant. For the original mode, see Crash (Burnout 2).

Runaway is a cheat which can be unlocked in Burnout 2: Point of Impact. This cheat is exclusive to the Crash Mode and has the same goals as said mode. However, when this cheat is enabled, the player is granted an immediate Boost Start regardless of his button combination or timing, followed by automatic boosting. This results in tremendous speed at the start with immense acceleration.

In addition, the brakes are disabled completely, meaning the player cannot slow down nor can they execute a drift without losing grip via turning. The Boost Bar is still auto-refilled, but since the car auto-boosts during this mode, activating it doesn't change the speed of the vehicle.

When this cheat is activated, Runaway replaces the Crash mode in Single and Multiplayer. Like the regular mode, Runaway remains at its core a Crash event, where the goal is to cause as much damage as possible by slamming into traffic.

Completing a Crash Zone with this cheat enabled will not allow players to save high scores.

How to Unlock[]

Earn Gold Medals on every Crash Zone.