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Marked Man
Run Home
Marked Man
Start West Lake Drive & Chubb Lane
Finish Wildcats Baseball Stadium
Distance 4.4 miles

Run Home is a Marked Man event in Burnout Paradise.


Start boosting West Lake Drive until the intersection of West Lake Drive, Geldard Drive, and Hans Way. Once the player reaches the intersection they should merge left onto Geldard and then hug the right wall, take the jump on the right and fall onto the bridge above Casey Pass. Continue along this bridge and fall onto Casey Pass, once at the intersection of Manners Avenue and Casey, drift right and continue along Manners Avenue, take both shortcuts on the left side once the intersection of South Bay Expressway and Manners Avenue has been reached. After the shortcuts drift right onto Harber Street and continue along Harber until the Wildcats Baseball Stadium is within eyesight, note: players should not drive into the stadium itself. Drift left and the finish line is only a few feet away.