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The Rossolini Tempesta GT is the upgraded racing variant of the Tempesta. It loses one strength point and gains one speed point over its original.

With the racing modification, a rear spoiler and diffuser were added to increase downforce. The exhaust pipes have been relocated to where the rear lights should be located.

At low speeds the car is excessively slippery due to extreme amounts of wheelspin, but at higher speeds its grip increases due to the racing aerodynamics kicking in.


The Rossolini Tempesta GT is a real prize. Lighter and faster across the board, this full GT racing conversion offers more of pretty much everything. If you can handle it.

How to Unlock[]

Win the Tempesta Burning Route.


The body of the Tempesta is a mixture of the Ferrari F430, Ferrari 360 Modena, and Lamborghini Gallardo. The exhaust vents appear to be heavily inspired by those seen on the Ferrari FXX.

Tafel Racing's livery strongly resembles that applied to the Ferrari F430 GT.


  • Burnout Paradise's Free February Update lowered the Tempesta GT's speed stat from 8 to 5 and its boost stat from 9 to 7.
  • The alphanumeric combination "Tetsuo64" can be seen above the white sponsor decal on the front of the car. This is the PSN ID and Gamertag of Burnout Paradise's Lead Designer Craig Sullivan.
  • "Tempesta" is the Italian word for "Storm".
  • Within the headlights are two smaller lights. One will light up when braking and the other will light up when in reverse gear.
  • The only braking indicator is a small LED strip above the rear windshield.
  • This car appears on the splash screen for the PC release of Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box.
  • "GT" is short for Gran Turismo, which is Italian for "Grand Touring".