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Root Avenue is a road located in Paradise City which runs from the River City in Downtown Paradise to Twin Bridges in Palm Bay Heights passing through Downtown along the way. The avenue starts at the Harber Street intersection, follows the El Train tracks, goes by the Downtown Park, crosses the Paradise City River over passes 7th Street and veers left onto an East-to-West axis, parallel to the Paradise City River to finally meet with the end of Franke Avenue at the 7th Street junction. Globally, Root Avenue stretches along a North-to-South axis.


Below are the offline events that can be started on Root Avenue intersections.

Event Type Event Name Starting Location Finish Location
Stunt Run Elevation 1st Street N/A
Race Far, Far Away 2nd Street Crystal Summit Observatory
Road Rage Rush Hour 3rd Street N/A
Marked Man Steeplechased 4th Street Lone Stallion Ranch
Burning Route (Right) Uberschall 8 Burning Route 5th Street Lone Stallion Ranch
Burning Route (Right) Grand Marais Burning Route Paradise Avenue Wildcats Baseball Stadium


El Train[]

When northbound on Root Avenue, drivers can access the elevated El Train tracks by a construction site shortcut located to the right of the vehicle on the SE corner of the intersection with 2nd Street. Once inside, the shortcut splits in two, taking the left will lead players to a steep ramp launching the player's car over the train tracks.

2nd Street, Glancey Avenue and 3rd Street[]

  • At the 2nd Street intersection either north or southbound, the player can exploit several off-road areas in order cut the corners of the intersection.
    • The SE corner can be cut via a construction site, leading players east on 2nd Street.
    • The SW corner can be cut thanks to a shopping mall entrance and helping players turn right into 2nd Street when heading northbound.
    • The NW corner features a paved area which drivers can use as a shortcut
    • The NE corner is an entrance to the Downtown Park when if entered leads players to the Glancey Avenue and 3rd Street junction, alternatively players can simply cut the corner on 2nd Street.
  • At the 3rd Street intersection, on the SE corner sits an entry to Downtown Park, taking the pedestrian path will effectively lead players to the Glancey and 2nd Street intersection.

Young Avenue[]

Directly after the 5th Street intersection, players will notice a back alley opening signaled by wooden barriers. entering this area will lead drivers under Dado's GYM, which will ultimately lead the players west on Young Avenue.

Root Avenue[]

At the first bend Root Avenue makes, players will be able to cut deeper inside the turn thanks to a paved pedestrian section with a concrete separator with a tree, this will help shave seconds off leading rivals or to make time on pursuing rivals.

Landmarks of Interest[]

All named buildings that can help players recognize their surroundings found along Root Avenue:

River City[]


  • Hotel Luxury
  • Downtown Park
  • Downtown Mall

Twin Bridges[]

  • Dado's GYM
  • Root & Paradise Hotel
  • Bridge Hotel
  • Twin Rings