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Rollercoaster is a Race in Burnout Paradise.


Follow your rivals up Hubbard Avenue and take a right turn on 2nd Street. Take the inside shortcut and continue on 2nd Street until the Fry Avenue intersection where you should turn left.

Head North on Fry towards Paradise Square where you should turn right and head into the open mall leading to Andersen Street. Once under the El-Train Tracks on Andersen, head into the back alley shortcut across the Glancey Avenue junction.

Now heading northbound on Webster Avenue, take the first right-hand shortcut. Use the I-88 toll booths to switch to the right lane (northbound, upper, same-way) and once on there take the first exit shortcut and drop down onto East Crawford Drive.

The HQ is just a couple hundred yards up on the Drive.


  • The in-game junction is inexact as this race is located at the Harber Street intersection of Hubbard Avenue and not Young Avenue.