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The Roadster is one of the seven starting vehicles in Burnout 2: Point of Impact, and one of the three models to make a return from the original Burnout, retaining a similar design and properties to its predecessor.

With some high stats for a stock car, the Roadster is one of, if not, the best option in the Championship series. It has high control, making cornering a non-issue, good acceleration and average speed, which is high in comparison to the rest of the stock vehicles. Overall, it is (like its predecessor) a well-balanced vehicle that beginners and experts alike can make good use of. For the Xbox release, it is given a small acceleration boost, which slightly increases its usefulness in races.

The Roadster comes in seven colors; white, burgundy, red, yellow, gray, black and blue.

As an opponent in the Championship, the Roadster only appears once normally, as an opponent in the Street Storm Grand Prix. Depending on the player's choice of vehicle, however, it may also appear in The Crystal Freeway as an extra opponent.

How to Unlock[]

Complete Offensive Driving 101.


The Roadster is likely based on the Lotus Elise. Its design has been greatly improved and bears a striking resemblance to the Watson R-Turbo Roadster in Burnout Paradise, indicating it is possibly an older model of it.

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