The Roadster is one of the four unlockable vehicles in the original Burnout. As the successor to the sequel's Roadster, it passes on many similar traits and looks very similar. At one point in development, it went by the name Sabre. [1]

Like its successor, the Roadster is a good vehicle with balanced stats, possessing good speed, high control and high acceleration. It has the 3rd highest cruising speed in the game, and although it shares its top speed with many of the original game's vehicles, it can recover from a crash much quicker due to its good acceleration. It also enters a drift fairly well and responds quickly when turning.

Overall, the Roadster is one of the better vehicles in the original game, possessing good speed, good acceleration and responsive turning, a trait it would pass down to many of its predecessors, barring some exceptions where control is concerned.

The Roadster comes in five colors; white, grey, blue, red and yellow.

How to Unlock

Beat Face-Off 1.


The Roadster has elements resembling the Toyota MR2 and Lotus Elise.


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