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Disambig iconThis article is about Road Rages in Burnout Revenge. For information on Road Rages on other Burnout games, see Road Rage.

Road Rage is a popular event from Burnout 3 that makes a return in Burnout Revenge. The aim is to score as many Takedowns before time runs out.


A Road Rage is an event that takes place on Race circuits, with an unlimited amount of laps. The goal of scoring as many Takedowns as possible is aided by a trio of rival vehicles that spawn further up the road if you overtake them, or behind you if they overtake you. They are also able to keep up with you much better than rivals can in Race events, and these factors make Road Rages much more playable than one would expect.

When the player starts a race, they are only given about 30 seconds to reach the Takedown Target. To add more time to the clock, the player has to achieve a certain amount of Takedowns, usually in increments of three (so the time extends every three Takedowns, or when the Takedown total is at 3, 6, 9, 12 and so on). This differs from the mechanics of Road Rage in Burnout 3, where the player had a large amount of time (usually three minutes) and the time could not be extended. The new mechanics present in Burnout Revenge's Road Rage means that the player has to be consistent with the rate of their Takedowns, making the event somewhat more difficult.

Another aspect that has changed is due to another new mechanic present in all events: Traffic Check. Traffic Checking Takedowns are now possible, and are certainly a viable way to score Takedowns in Road Rage. Ploughing through traffic not only launches them forward into any rivals too close your front bumper, but they also swerve all over the road making it difficult for rivals to dodge. Another new Takedown method is the Vertical Takedown, performed by landing on top of another rival. Despite the fact that there are more air time opportunities in Burnout Revenge, Vertical Takedowns are a rarity.