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Disambig iconThis article is about Road Rages in Burnout Legends. For information on Road Rages on other Burnout games, see Road Rage.

PSP Version Gameplay


A Road Rage event in the DS version of the game

Road Rage is an Event type that is featured in Burnout Legends. This event is similar to previous renditions, the most noteworthy belonging to Burnout 3. In the event, the player must score the required amount of takedowns before the time runs out or they total their vehicle.



This is probably the rendition which is the closest to Burnout 3's Road Rage. The player must score as many takedowns as he or she can within the time limit or before totaling his or her car. Damage is only shown by the Critical Damage status along with "sparks".

In Single Event mode, the player does not have a time limit or takedown limit. The match goes until the player wrecks their vehicle.


The DS version's physics don't allow "realistic" takedowns. Therefore, the takedowns are more difficult to perform than in the PSP version (except the "Ultra Shunt" which at high speed will always blast opponents.) Hence, scores are generally lower on DS than PSP. An interesting fact is that the damage status icon is represented on the touch screen. A car icon shows damage at different parts of vehicle (cosmetic HUD) and a lifecount shows "health" of your car in points.

If you have low health, a Critical Damage message appear. It means that your lifepoints are low and a huge crash can steal all your points. But, you can still survive a crash.


Take down your opponents and watch out for crashes. Be as aggressive as you can, but avoid tricky situations.


  • The following can be earned when grinding against a racer: Fenzy, Dueling, Maniac, Raging, Bullying, Tradin' Paint.