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Disambig iconThis article is about Road Rages in Burnout 3. For information on Road Rages on other Burnout games, see Road Rage.

Road Rage is an event in Burnout 3: Takedown.

There are 14 different Road Rage events over all continents in the Burnout World Tour. Each event has a 3 minute time limit for the player to reach the specified amount of takedowns. The number of takedowns required for each event changes depending on the player's progression within the World Tour.

Medals are awarded for completion of the event if you scored the required number of takedowns. To obtain a Silver medal, players must double the takedowns required for the Bronze medal. The Gold medal also requires twice the takedowns needed to earn the Silver medal.

Single Player Road Rages are slightly different as players can enter a Road Rage on any track with any car class (excluding Heavyweights). There is also no time limit which means the event won't end until the player's car is totaled.


Choosing a car for a Road Rage event can either make or break a player's chances. The Prototype and Assassin cars within each class are usually a hot pick.

In Single Player mode, the three best cars to choose to set high records are the Modified Sports, Muscle Type 1, Custom Muscle and the Oval Racer Special. All of these cars are the heaviest in their class and they can easily takedown the other lighter cars.

Special Cars[]

The players will compete against different rivals when choosing Special Cars.


  • Contrary to popular belief, Road Rage is not endless, and it has an invisible time limit that ends the event when the time runs out (only in regular Road Rage), which is 30 minutes.[1]
  • When the player has critical damage and is taken out by a rival the Road Rage ends immediately without a chance of performing a Crash Aftertouch.