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Burnout 3 Takedown - Walkthrough - Europe Riviera Burning Lap

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Riviera is a beautiful track in Burnout 3 containing the Grand Hotel, the mountains, the casinos, the Marina, and a couple of Signature Takedowns. This track also has crash events like all other tracks do.


Although this track very strongly resembles Monaco, it also sloppily mixes elements from the South/South-western part of France as well as the coastal region right after the French/Italian border.

Elements such as the port or the "Grand Hôtel" section leads the track to have likenesses with Monaco (the Grand Hôtel is most likely inspired by Monaco's own Fairmont Hotel as well as the many other luxurious buildings located there), however, road signs on the track switch between French and Italian style within hundreds of meters of eachother. Furthermore, other road signs notably seen on the Northbound version of the track indicate a strong geographical connection with the other France-based track Vineyard, as they imply exits from the real-life A7 highway going southbound from Avignon, main inspiration for Vineyard's setting.