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Riverside Avenue is a road in Paradise City found in the Twin Acres sub-district Palm Bay Heights. It is the shortest Avenue in Paradise City as it only intersects with two other roads. It starts at the Young Avenue 5th Street intersection and ends at the 7th Street junction. It is built along a North-South axis.


There is only one event on Riverside Avenue.

Event Type Event Name Starting Location
Road Rage Cross-town Carnage Young Avenue

Area Resemblance[]

This avenue can be seen as a neighborhood of Chicago, IL, USA or Brooklyn, NYC, NY, USA because of the El-Train Tracks and the architecture of the surrounding buildings.


There are no shortcuts to be found on Riverside Avenue.

Gameplay Strategies[]

Since there are no shortcuts or Ramps placed along this road, it becomes only a passage way for speeding (or lost) drivers since the road can't be easily taken when coming from 5th or 7th Street. When attacking Riverside Avenue in a Timed Road Rule, players need to be near-perfect in their execution as it provides one of the most difficult left-hand turns in the game.

In Online Cops and Robbers, this road is useful for driving south to pick up spawning gold when the gold is delivered to the Cops' base at the Country Club.

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