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The Read Lane super jump

Read Lane is a street in the northern section of the country area of Paradise City in Burnout Paradise. It is a good drifting location, and is home to a popular challenge involving barrel rolling onto the railway tracks successfully. These Railway tracks help link Read Lane to West Crawford Drive, Uphill Drive and the similar Lewis Pass. Read Lane is also an entrance into Paradise National Park.


Event Name Start location End location
Race Hard Fort North Rouse Drive Naval Yard
Stunt Run Near the Edge Nelson Way N/A

Landmarks of Interest[]

  • A Split Ramp on the left side of the road (when traveling Southbound)
  • Throughout the northern half of Read, there are large roofs over the road made of corrugated iron.
  • On the left side of the road there is a small house with picnic tables, and some steps down to a platform. This is Vista Point, a sightseeing location that overlooks Silver Lake, the Rockridge Dam and the South Bay Expressway Bridge. There are signs for it on the sides of the street, however a red sign at the top tells drivers to go East along North Rouse Drive to get to it.
  • Further down the street there is a path that leads up to the Vista Point platform.
  • There is also a significant Super Jump on the cliff edge side of the road that can only be used when going up Read Lane. The Jump has splits on either side, and is the location for Barrel Roll challenges onto the railway below.
  • A grey suspension bridge can also be accessed on the outer side of the next curve. This bridge for the railway can be quickly used for aforementioned Barrel Roll challenges, as well as a makeshift shortcut to West Crawford and Uphill Drives, as well as Lewis Pass.
  • Near the suspension bridge is a lodge for Frankies Camp Ground.
  • At the base of the lane is a large wooden sign spanning the road, marking the boundary into Paradise National Park.

Freeburn Challenges[]

Read Lane and its Super Jump are locations used in several original Freeburn Challenges and Car Timed Challenges. No Bike Challenges utilize Read Lane.

Original Challenges[]

Players Challenge # Name Type Description
2 22 Read Double Driver Challenge Jump off a ramp on Read Lane and land a double Barrel roll on the railroad.
3 44 Jump For Your Life Team Challenge All drivers jump onto the railroad from the Read Lane ramps at the same time.
4 17 Barrel of Laughs Driver Challenge Barrel Roll off the ramp on Read Lane and land on the railroad.
5 18 Hang Tough Driver Challenge Jump 145 yards off the double ramp on Read Lane onto the railroad.
5 43 Afterburner Driver Challenge Boost while barrel-rolling off one of the Read Lane ramps to the railroad.
6 21 Read and Roll Driver Challenge Jump off a ramp on Read Lane and land a Barrel Roll on the railroad.
7 17 Read Roller Driver Challenge Jump off a ramp on Read Lane and land a Barrel Roll on the railroad.

Car Timed Challenges[]

Players Challenge # Name Time Part 1 Part 2
2 10 Look Behind You 3m45s Meet up at the Observatory. Every driver get 2,000 yards of Oncoming in reverse on Read Lane, but hurry!
3 7 Rolling Stock 6m00s Everyone get on top of the Yellow Bridge along the railroad in Crystal Summit. As a team land 10 Barrel Rolls off the Read Lane Ramp. Focus People!
7 3 Clock n' Roll 4m30s Everyone get on top of the Yellow Bridge along the railroad in Crystal Summit to stop the clock. As a team land 40 Barrel Rolls onto the railroad from Read Lane to stop the clock.
7 4 Live and Let Fly 2m30s Every driver launch car off the Read Lane ramp. Lane ramp. Head down the railroad as a team to accumulate 1,000 yds of Jump Distance over the Gas Station on Nelson Way.