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Racking Up Reverse is the third two-player timed challenge in Burnout Paradise's Cagney Pack and is the first challenge to involve backwards driving. The challenge itself can have varying degrees of difficulty depending upon the vehicle used. The first part of the challenge is a simple "Meet Up" goal while the second part requires each driver to earn 1,000 yards of reverse driving along Rack Way in a single attempt as separate attempts do not count toward the goal.


The start of the challenge requires both players to meet within the Angus Boat Hire in Heartbreak Hills. Any position from both entrances in the south, to the Super Jump ramp in the north counts towards the first goal. The two entrances themselves are both located along East Lake Drive near the Paint Shop.

The Boat Hire's roads are sufficiently wide enough for players to drive past each other.

Once the second stage of the challenge has begun there are 3 ways out of the Boat Hire onto East Lake Drive. There are two exits to the south of the Boat Hire and one off the Super Jump to the north. Upon leaving the Boat Hire both players must head north along East Lake Drive until they reach Rack Way at which point both players must turn right onto this road and E-Brake their car around and reverse along Rack Way.

The second goal in the challenge will only become complete once both players earn 1,000 yards of reverse driving in a single attempt as this challenge's scoring is not cumulative.

Landmarks to Note
Start Angus Boat Hire Mark Rack Way Junction Finish Rack Way
BurnoutParadise 2009-07-22 17-32-48-40 BurnoutParadise 2009-07-22 17-35-35-71


The best strategy for this challenge is to use a vehicle which is both quick and stable in reverse gear. Front Wheel drive cars such as the SI-7 and Hydros are slow enough to be controlled but can be difficult to turn. While vehicles such as the Rai-Jin which was included in the Cagney Pack is the fastest car in reverse but can be wayward in its handling for new drivers.

Generally a slow vehicle or a light stunt vehicle can handle well in reverse.