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Rack Way is a fair lengthed road located within the Heartbreak Hills District in Silver Lake. It contains the Heartbreak Hills Water Treament Facility and partly follows parallel to the southern border of the Paradise City Airfield.


Rack Way starts out at as a two lane road from a yield intersection with South Rouse Drive near the I-88 South Rouse access ramp construction site. Old buildings, shallow hills, trees, and the occasional silo make up the setting for Rack Way. The road curves and then comes to the Heartbreak Hills Resivoir Complex which is located near the Nelson Way Intersection; Several cars are usually parked in front and around the water facility. The road then comes to a traffic light four way intersection with Nelson Way.

Past the Nelson Intersection, the road passes several fields with tractors and hay bales. Some taller buildings of the Paradise City Airfield can be seen in this area, but the airfield itself is at higher elevation than Rack Way. The road then ends at a traffic light three way intersection with East Lake Drive. Here great views of Silver Lake and the far Mountains await.


Below are the events that start along Rack Way.

Car Events[]

Event Type Event Name Starting Location (with Rack Way) Finish Location
Stunt Run Rack 'Em Up East Lake Drive N/A
Burning Route (Right) Spur Burning Route Nelson Way

Crystal Summit Observatory

Bike Events[]

Event Name Start location (with Rack Way) End location Time

Midnight Ride

Midnight Ride Nelson Way Waterfront Plaza 2:31


  • Heading eastbound on Rack Way towards the South Rouse Intersection, a shorcut is on the left that will take drivers north on South Rouse Drive.
  • Heading Westbound towards East Lake Drive, a shortcut is on the left that will take drivers south on East Lake Drive. Drivers should be cautious when using this shortcut as it will take them directly into oncoming traffic.