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Race to the Summit is -as the name suggests- a Race in Burnout Paradise.


Follow your rivals up Franke Avenue and take the back alley shortcut to go West on 7th Street. Head into the Lawrence Road Tunnel and carry on in this direction until you reach East Lake Drive.

Turn right at the intersection and continue on the Lake Drive and after the West Crawford Drive junction keep right and turn into the Silver Lake Marina. Cross the Marina and as you exit it, keep right and cut the Cannon Pass corner via the parking lot.

Enter Frankie's Camp Grounds and travel North-West inside to take the first exit on the left. Now on Cannon Pass and approaching the Nelson Way intersection, turn left and head straight towards the broken bridge shortcut to cut the bend. After the jump keep right and take the next shortcut to cut another bend.

After this you must turn onto Uphill Drive so you should either use the Billboard jump or use the dirt path on the right of the train tunnel.

Snake Uphill and take the first left-hand dirt path in the inside of the first bend, proceed towards the second shortcut to gain even more over your rivals. Continue on Uphill Drive until you reach the finish line.