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A Race event is where the player must race against at least one other opponent from the starting intersection to one of the eight finish destinations. The most important thing to know about the races in this game is that they can only end in 1 of those 8 different places, each representing a point on the compass. There are 40 races in total and 5 will end at each of the compass points, so it pays to know the best routes to each finish line because the races can start at any intersection on the map.


The player will never be told specifically which route to follow, although the game will try to suggest a route by flashing the road names at the top of the screen, accompanied by the turn signal on the player's vehicle, as a recommended turn is approached. This can be useful some of the time when it is correct. However, the suggestions the game makes indicates the most direct path to your destination, which may or may not be the fastest. If you get lost while in a race, pause and use the full map to work out the rest of your route, it means you are unlikely to win the race, but it can be a lifesaver if you're unsure where to go. Following AI cars can be handy as well, although some can get lost from time to time.

Stunt cars with decent boost and good handling are recommended for race events. With so many ways to crash, having boost instantly available on respawning is very useful. Speed cars excel when there is less traffic to contend with, and on long, straight roads. If a player plans on taking a route that has less traffic, such as a good portion of White Mountain, speed-chaining will often put a racer well ahead of the pack. Also worth noting is that the faster the car chosen, the faster the cars the player will contend with will be. For this reason, a player may wish to try a race with a slower car if they have difficulty completing the race. The trick to racing is the Boost: the more boost is used, the faster a player goes. However, the faster a player goes, the higher the risk of crashing will be.

Paradise Race Events[]

There are 40 Race events in Paradise City. The following table shows the start junction and destination for each event.

Name Start Finish Distance Rivals
Go West! Newton Drive & West Crawford Drive Wind Farm 5.0 miles 7
Stealing 1st 7th Street & Webster Avenue Wildcats Baseball Stadium 1.1 miles 5
Heads Up Gabriel Avenue & Manners Avenue Maplemount Country Club 2.3 miles 1
Avant Guard 1st Street & Hamilton Avenue Coast Guard HQ 2.3 miles 5
Baseball Battle North Rouse Road & Lewis Pass Wildcats Baseball Stadium 4.1 miles 7
Call of the Wild Nelson Way & Lucas Way Wildcats Baseball Stadium 5.0 miles 7
Catch My Drift South Bay Expressway & Hall Avenue Wind Farm 4.5 miles 7
Coast to Coast Warren Avenue & Manners Avenue Coast Guard HQ 2.9 miles 5
Curveball Lambert Parkway & East Crawford Drive Wildcats Baseball Stadium 2.6 miles 5
Deep South East Crawford Drive & Hudson Avenue Fort Lawrence Naval Yard 3.6 miles 7
Demolition Derby East Lake Drive & Ross Drive Lone Stallion Ranch 3.9 miles 7
Driving Off West Lake Drive & Nelson Way Maplemount Country Club 3.8 miles 7
Going Coastal Nelson Way & Lewis Pass Coast Guard HQ 3.8 miles 7
Eastern Promise Lucas Way & Schembri Pass Waterfront Plaza 6.1 miles 7
Far, Far Away 2nd Street & Root Avenue Crystal Summit Observatory 5.5 miles 7
Final Furlong 3rd Street & Hamilton Avenue Lone Stallion Ranch 3.3 miles 5
Full Gallop Nelson Way & Chubb lane Lone Stallion Ranch 3.6 miles 5
Hard Fort North Rouse Drive & Read Lane Fort Lawrence Naval Yard 4.8 miles 7
Spaghetti Western Harber Street & Glancey Avenue Lone Stallion Ranch 3.6 miles 7
High Noon Club South Mountain Drive & Lucas Way Maplemount Country Club 4.4 miles 7
Horse Power 9th Street & Hudson Avenue Lone Stallion Ranch 4.9 miles 7
Lakeside Getaway Nelson Way & East Lake Drive Crystal Summit Observatory 4.4 miles 5
Man O' War 3rd Street & Angus Wharf Fort Lawrence Naval Yard 3.1 miles 7
Rat Race 2nd Street & Webster Avenue Maplemount Country Club 2.4 miles 5
Mano A Mano South Mountain Drive & Schembri Pass Crystal Summit Observatory 2.2 miles 1
Plain Sailing East Crawford Drive & Moore Avenue Waterfront Plaza 1.8 miles 5
Plaza Endurance Cannon Pass & Nelson Way Waterfront Plaza 5.0 miles 7
Pleasure Cruise Lambert Parkway & Harber Street Waterfront Plaza 2.3 miles 5
Power Surge Hans Way & West Lake Drive Wind Farm 2.7 miles 5
Race for the Plate South Rouse Drive & South Bay Expressway Wildcats Baseball Stadium 2.5 miles 5
Race to the Summit Franke Avenue & Young Avenue Wind Farm 5.2 miles 7
Reach for the Stars South Rouse Drive & Lambert Parkway Crystal Summit Observatory 4.7 miles 7
Riverside Run Andersen Street & Glancey Avenue Maplemount Country Club 2.1 miles 5
Rollercoaster Harber Street & Hubbard Avenue Coast Guard HQ 3.0 miles 7
Save Ferris West Crawford Drive & Nelson Way Coast Guard HQ 3.6 miles 7
Spin City 1st Street & Glancey Avenue Wind Farm 6.5 miles 7
The Duel 7th Street & Hamilton Avenue Fort Lawrence Naval Yard 2.5 miles 1
Torpedo Run North Mountain Drive & Hans Way Fort Lawrence Naval Yard 2.9 miles 5
Tunnel Vision 7th Street & Glancey Avenue Crystal Summit Observatory 5.9 miles 7
Waterway to Go South Rouse Drive & Hubbard Avenue Waterfront Plaza 3.1 miles 7


  • 'Stealing 1st' can easily be called the easiest race in the game due to the fact that you only need to travel directly south 1.1 miles, and it only takes about 50 seconds to complete.

Island Race Events[]

Four new Race events were introduced in the Big Surf Island Update. These race events are very similar to Online Races in Burnout Paradise because they feature the same checkpoint system. However, three of these races are in their own class because they are the only events in the game that are circuits. Each race will require a simple lap of the island.

Name Start location End location Laps
There and Back Shires & Paradise Keys Bridge Paradise Keys Bridge  
Rocket Science Huntley & McDonald Huntley & McDonald 2
Shore Thing Daniell & Pitt Daniell & Pitt 2
Sunset Scramble Grange & Pitt Grange & Pitt 2