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Race in progress

A Race is an event in Burnout Legends where the player must race against 3 rivals (4 in the DS version) for 3 laps (2 in Alpine) around a track. You earn a gold medal for finishing first, a silver medal for finishing second, and a bronze medal for finishing third.

World Tour[]

There are 11 Race events (10 in the DS version) in Burnout Legends's World Tour mode which can be selected on the main menu.

Class Location
Compact Palm Bay Marina
Compact Interstate Loop
Muscle Airport Terminal 1 & 2
Coupe Sunrise Valley Downtown
Coupe Vineyard
Coupe Alpine
Sport Airport Terminal 3
Super Airport Terminal 3
Super Interstate Loop
Super Island Paradise
Super Golden City
  • There are other Race events in the DS version of the game.

Single Event[]

You can select Single Event on the game's main menu and choose any track in the game and how many rivals (one, two, or three) you would like to compete against.