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A Race is one of the events available in Burnout Dominator, and is the most arcade-like event available in the game.


Unlike previous Burnout games, Burnout Dominator's Race Mode is not the most frequent, instead being overshadowed by Maniac Mode and it's submodes. Still, the rules of Race are the same as they have always been since Burnout 3. Six racers (four in the PSP version) race each other around a race track for a certain amount of laps. The one who crosses the finish line on the final lap first is the winner. Lap amounts vary depending on car class and track length. For instance, Ocean Drive, if raced in a Classic car (the starting car Class) will consist of only one lap as it's an extremely long track, while a shorter track such as Tuscan Hills raced in the Super Class will be three laps long.

In Burnout Revenge, Race had a special variant called Crashbreaker, where players could use their boost to detonate their car if they crashed. In Burnout Dominator, Crashbreaker is available in ALL Race events.

As is the same with every Burnout game, Race events can also be found in the Grand Prix event, a compilation of three races with points given for places.

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