Race is a classic game mode in the Burnout series. Six drivers race against each other for Gold, Silver and Bronze medals along a closed circuit in either single of multiple lap events.


The goal in race events is to finish first. The amount of laps can vary due to the speed of the car and the length of the circuit. A short track such as Downtown can have two laps for a race in the Muscle class but have three laps for a race in the Sports class. Some tracks such as Tropical Drive have one lap due to its length.

Races in previous Burnout games were primarily about the player racing against traffic in order to earn boost via Oncoming and Near Misses whilst overtaking rivals. In Burnout 3 there is a new focus on vehicular mayhem with the addition of Takedowns. A Takedown is when a player is able to force a rival to crash which adds another section to the Boost bar and fills it.

Burnout 3 Race Events

Class Loacation Direction How to Unlock.
Compact Silver Lake Eastbound At the start of the game.
Compact Downtown Westbound Get gold in Kings of the Road Face-Off.
Muscle Downtown Eastbound Unlock the Muscle Series.
Muscle Lakeside Getaway Eastbound
Muscle Kings of the Road Westbound
Coupe Winter City Westbound Unlock the Coupe Series.
Coupe Alpine Expressway Westbound Get bronze in the Winter City Race.
Coupe Alpine Westbound Get bronze in the Alpine Expressway Race.
Sport Continental Run Eastbound Get bronze in the Riviera Burning Lap.
Sport Continental Run Westbound
Sport Coastal Dream Westbound
Super Golden City Eastbound
Super Island Paradise Eastbound
Super Tropical Drive Eastbound
Super Tropical Drive Westbound


The Burnout 3 Race Training VideoA Race on the Vineyard Track
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