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B2 Race Start 2

The Hot Rod demonstrating the Boost Start.

Disambig iconThis article is about Race game mode in Burnout 2. For Race events in other Burnout games, see Race.

The Race in Burnout 2: Point of Impact is the most recurring game mode. It is the base of the game's gameplay and by its nature, all Grand Prix exclusively feature this type of event.

In reality, only Crash and Offensive Driving 101 have objectives differing to the classic first to the finish-line goal, despite Race mode's varying parameters. Fundamentally, Face Off and Time Attack can be seen as distant variants of a standard race.


Races follow rules than any arcade racer player would be familiar with. Circuit tracks have a number of laps according to their length while Route tracks such as Freeway Dash are A to B straights. On each track are placed Checkpoints, a system returning from the original Burnout. The player must reach the next checkpoint before the timer reaches zero. Checkpoints would be later abolished in Burnout 3.

All tracks are linear and as such, players cannot Race in reverse. If the player manages to turn around a "Wrong Way" message will appear. If this information is ignored then a red wall will appear and block the player.

The player always competes against three other opponents, whose cars are chosen based on the player's selection (only in non-Championship modes). Boost can be earned by performing Near Misses, Oncoming, Drifting and now by gaining Airtime.

Point to Point Races[]

While Races are usually part of Grand Prix in the Championship and Custom Series Championship modes, Point to Point Races are a variant that are set as individual Championship stages. They can be imitated by selecting the Single Race mode in the menu and selecting the tracks manually. The name "Point to Point" is only found in this context in the game.

Point to Point Races are -like the name suggests- races that take place on non-looping tracks. The list is as follows:


B2 Multiplayer Race

The start of a multiplayer Race.

In Multiplayer Race, 2 players can compete against each other plus 2 CPU rivals on any track and in any car. Player 1 selects his car first and the track can be selected by both.

During gameplay the screen is split vertically down and the HUD is adapted. During the replay, a small portion of the screen in the top right-hand corner shows the other player's car and both switch from full screen at regular intervals.