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The R-Turbo Roadster Burning Route is relatively easy thanks to the size and nimble handling of the Roadster, as well as the broad parkway.


Start heading north on King Avenue and take the first left onto 1st Street. Follow 1st Street until it merges to the right onto Lambert Parkway. Take the shortcut just before 1st Street ends on your left, go through the shopping mall and land back down onto the Parkway. Follow Lambert Parkway all the way up North to the Maplemount Country Club for a straight, long dash to the finish line.

Alternate Routes[]

  • Start heading north on King Avenue. Turn Left at the third traffic light (which is 3rd Street). Follow 3rd Street until the T-intersection with Lambert Parkway and swerve right onto this road (there is a sidewalk shortcut on the right that can help and save time). From then on, just follow Lambert Parkway all the way to the Country Club.
  • Start as before, but go past 3rd Street and take the next left, which is Franke Avenue. After passing over the Paradise City River and the Young Avenue intersection, take the alleyway shortcut on the left (in front of the building with the MCS billboard), which takes you on 7th Street in oncoming traffic. Head to the right and take the jump across the intersection of Hamilton Avenue and into westbound traffic on the Street. Take the next right onto Lambert Parkway and follow it to the Country Club.



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