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Pursuit 6 is an event in Burnout 2: Point of Impact. More precisely a stage part of the Custom Series Championship. It is unlocked by getting all Gold Medals in the Point of Impact Grand Prix (in other words, finishing all 6 races in the Grand Prix whilst in 1st place).

It is the sixth stage of the Championship and is composed of the 6th and final Pursuit. The track is Ocean Sprint, and your final target is the Custom Muscle.

This is no doubt the hardest of the six Pursuits. The Custom Muscle is blindingly fast, and unlike the other five Pursuit events, it will easily outrun you at the very start of the event. Good use of your boost and exceptional handling are essential for victory.

Upon completing the event, you unlock the 6th and last custom vehicle, and also the final hidden car, the Custom Muscle.


Title Icon Conditions
Ocean Sprint Ocean Sprint B2 thumb Sunny