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Pursuit 4 is an event in Burnout 2: Point of Impact. More precisely a stage part of the Custom Series Championship. It is unlocked by getting 4 Gold Medals in the Speed Streak Grand Prix (in other words, finishing all races in that Grand Prix whilst in 1st place).

It is the second stage of the Championship and is composed of a Pursuit. It is a pursuit, as the name implies. The Custom SUV will try to evade you on the Freeway Dash track. Due to the sluggish nature of the Custom SUV, this Pursuit can be pretty easy. Just be careful on the sharp Crystal Summit Peak turns, and avoid the dense traffic in the 88 Interchange portion.

Once the target car is destroyed, the Custom SUV is unlocked.


This event is comprised of a single Pursuit.

Title Icon Conditions
Freeway Dash Freeway Dash B2 thumb Sunny