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Pursuit 3 is an event in Burnout 2: Point of Impact. It is a stage in the Championship and takes place on the reversed version of Freeway Dash. It is unlocked by winning The Crystal Freeway with a gold medal.

It is the twelfth stage of the Championship and is composed a Pursuit. Using the Cop Car, the player must take down the Gangster.

This is arguably the easiest pursuit of them all, due to how sluggish the Gangster is. It struggles to outrun the player and takes a long time to pick up speed again once it slows down.


This event is comprised of a single Pursuit.

Title Icon Conditions
Freeway Dash (R) Freeway Dash (R) B2 thumb Sunny


  • Completing Pursuit 3 unlocks the Gangster.
  • Completing Pursuit 3, along with the 2 other Pursuits in the Championship, contributes to the unlocking of the Pursuit game mode.