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Pursuit 1 is an event in Burnout 2: Point of Impact. It is a stage in the Championship that takes place on Ocean Sprint (Reverse) and is unlocked by winning The Run To The Sun with a gold medal.

It is the fourth stage of the Championship and is composed of a Pursuit. It is not very challenging, but unlike other pursuits, the target car is not unlocked upon completion.

The player must use the Cop Car to pursue and takedown their target rival by slamming into them. The target rival for this event is a black colored Sport.


This event is comprised of a single Pursuit.

Title Icon Conditions
Ocean Sprint [R] Ocean Sprint (R) B2 thumb Sunny


  • Completing Pursuit 1 unlocks the Cop Car.
  • Completing Pursuit 1, along with the 2 other Pursuits, contributes to the unlocking of the Pursuit game mode.