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Pursuit is a mode in Burnout 2: Point of Impact. It is one of the only modes with Time Attack and Crash to not require the Player to race to the finish line. Indeed, one must pursue the CPU Target car and wreck it before it escapes.

Pursuits contain the closest thing to Takedowns before they were introduced in Burnout 3: Takedown, and may have been their inspiration. Also, this was the first mode in the series where a car sustaining visible damage can be seen driving, even though a damaged car could only be driven in a Multiplayer Pursuit, by the escapee (the second player). The next instance of this was Road Rage in Burnout 3.

Pursuit is also featured in Burnout Legends. And to a certain extent, Cops and Robbers in Burnout Paradise is similar to a Pursuit in the setting of a chase between racers and the police.


Points Effect Bar
10-8 Perfect condition Light Green
7-6 Damaged bodywork Light Orange
5 Black smoke appears
4 Flashing
Dark Orange
3 Sparks appear.
Heavier damage.
2-1 Body parts fall.
Larger spark trail.

The aim of Pursuit mode is to ram the Target car and wreck it before they escape.

The events last for a certain distance (in miles) equivalent to a certain amount of laps on a normal track, or until the opponent crosses the finish line on a Point to Point track. If this the Player loses the event.

The opponent has 10 hit points and 1 point is taken away each time the Player's hits the opponent's car.

When 3 points remain, the meter starts to flash and a heartbeat sound loops; the flash and pulse rate increase with each subsequent hit. When the Player strikes the Target 10 times, it is immediately wrecked and all 4 wheels and remaining body parts are blown away as the wreckage skids for several yards.

In championship Pursuit stages, the player can only use the Cop Car while the opponent's car is specific to each stage. Winning the stage unlocks the opponent's car to the player with the exception of Pursuit 1 where the Cop Car is unlocked instead.

In Single Event Pursuits, the player can choose their own car as well as the opponent's. Other vehicles than the Cop Car that are selected as chasers will be equipped with a red, roof-mounted, rotating beacon and a siren instead of the normal horn.


The 6 Pursuits of the game are part of the Championship and Custom Series Championship, the list is as follows: