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Preview is an event type in Burnout Revenge that plays exactly the same as a Burning Lap, where the goal is to speed through one lap as fast as possible using boost that is earned faster than normal.


In addition to boost that is earned faster than normal and a shortcut mentality required to win Gold, Preview has two other aspects to separate it from normal events (including Burning Laps). The first is that the vehicle driven is usually one that the player hasn't unlocked yet, or one that is difficult to unlock, particularly Special Cars such as the Revenge Racer or the Low Rider. The second is that early Preview events also take place on tracks playable only later in the game, however this becomes less revalent as the player increases their Burnout Ranking and unlocks all of the tracks.

Preview events are also the only event to not be categorized by track like every other event, instead appearing alongside the track select.

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