Policy Overview

This policy page forms a detailed guideline on how to create and format vehicle articles. Some sections in the article structure should only be there if they are appropriate for that vehicle, however there are sections that are compulsory for all vehicle articles. Make sure the syntax and layout is followed correctly so that the high universal quality of these specific articles is maintained.

Syntax and example

Copy and paste the following into a new vehicle page for a quick template:

{{Vehicle infobox
|title = optional; Defaults to the page name.
|image = optional; Defaults to [[Image:{{PAGENAME}}.png|250px]]
|boost_type = required for Burnout Paradise vehicles; optional for others
|speed = optional
|strength = optional
|boost = optional
|crashbreaker = optional
|acceleration = optional
|weight = optional
|offense = optional
|handling = optional
|burnout_rating = optional
|clan_livery = optional; Only required for vehicles with clan liveries
<!-- Provide a description of the vehicle here -->

== Description ==
<!-- List the vehicle description from in the game. -->
{{vehicle-stub}} <!-- Stub areas needing information.-->

== How to Unlock ==
<!-- List requirements to unlock vehicle -->

== Resemblance ==
<!-- Real life vehicles that this vehicle resembles -->

== See Also ==
<!-- Links to other vehicle pages that are similar to this vehicle
*[[This link]]
*[[This link too]]

<!-- Categories below this line -->

Basic Outline

  • ARTICLE HEADER - The following should always be placed at the beginning of the article.
    • If the item article is a stub, use the {{vehicle-stub}} template where appropriate to add the page to Category:Vehicle stubs.

  • VEHICLE INFOBOX TEMPLATE - Use the Template:Vehicle infobox to create the info box. This info box does not auto-link, so please be sure to wikify appropriate contents. Example usage:
{{Vehicle infobox
| name = Carson Annihilator
| image = [[Image:Carson Annihilator.jpg|250px]]
| game = Burnout Paradise
| boost_type = Aggression
| speed = 7
| boost = 7
    • Infobox field descriptions:
      • name : The name of the item. This may be omitted as it will default to the page name.
      • image : The vehicle image file. The image should be .jpg or .png format. This may be omitted as it will default to ({{PAGENAME}}.png).
      • game : The Burnout game the vehicle is in. This is required for auto-categories.
      • boost_type : Vehicle boost type. Stunt, Aggression, Speed values only (auto-categories)
      • speed : Vehicle speed value.
      • boost : Vehicle boost value.
    • The vehicle info box contains many other parameters for use with vehicles from other games, see the {{Vehicle infobox}} for details.
    • Immediately after the vehicle infobox should be a short paragraph describing the vehicle and other pertinent information.

  • DESCRIPTION - This should feature the vehicle's in-game description.

  • HOW TO UNLOCK - Detailed description of how to unlock the vehicle in the game.

  • RESEMBLANCE - List any real life vehicles here that resemble the vehicle listed. Provide wikipedia links if possible.

  • NOTES - Mention any bugs or other notes about this vehicle, such as glitches. If there is nothing in this section it should be omitted.

  • CATEGORIES - This must always be on the article. Note that the {{Vehicle infobox}} template automatically does most of the categorization.

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