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Point Of Impact Grand Prix is an event in Burnout 2: Point of Impact. More precisely a stage part of the Custom Series Championship. It is unlocked by completing the Split Second Grand Prix.

It is the fifth stage of the Championship and is composed of 6 Races. This track can be very difficult in some areas, specifically the Big Surf Grove [R] and Airport Terminal 1 & 2 [R] tracks, where traffic and layout can be really difficult to navigate unscathed.

The opponents in this Grand Prix are the Custom Roadster, the Custom Coupe and the Japanese Muscle. If the player uses one of these vehicles, the Custom Muscle will also appear.

This Grand Prix is notable for being one of the only two Custom Series Grand Prix to include cars outside of the Custom Series. In this case, the Japanese Muscle is an opponent despite not being classed as a custom vehicle. The only other event to share such an occurrence is the Heart Attack Grand Prix.

Upon completion of this Grand Prix, the fifth custom car, the Custom Roadster, is unlocked. This is the last car to be unlocked via Grand Prix in either championship.


This event is comprised of 6 Races:

Title Icon Conditions
Crystal Summit Peak (R) Crystal Summit Peak (R) B2 thumb Snow
Freeway Dash (R) Freeway Dash (R) B2 thumb Sunny
Sunrise Valley Downtown (R) Sunrise Valley Downtown (R) B2 thumb Sunset
Big Surf Grove (R) Big Surf Grove (R) B2 thumb Night
Palm Bay Marina (R) Palm Bay Marina (R) B2 thumb Sunny
Airport Terminal 1 & 2 (R) Airport Terminal 1 & 2 (R) B2 thumb Night