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The PlayStation Hawker is an unreleased sponsor variant of the Montgomery Hawker applied with Sony, PlayStation 3, and Blu-Ray logos across its body, which was cut prior to the release of the Burnout Paradise.

The hidden sponsor Hawker was uncovered in the game's files with its Junkyard icon included alongside other vehicles on a single texture sheet.

The PlayStation Hawker hypothetically has the same statistics as the Montgomery Hawker before the release of the Free February Update, but no statistics were provided for the vehicle.


With its cool, smokey spray job, the PlayStation Hawker is available only to a very exclusive clientele. This is living all right... in the fast lane!

How to Unlock[]

The PlayStation Hawker has never made available, but information such as its opponent configurations, Junkyard icon, description, and filename (CAR_CAPS_PSPPS3) can be found in the original PlayStation 3 release of Burnout Paradise.


The Hawker's model closely resembles that of a TVR Sagaris / T350 at the front and Aston Martin DB9 at the rear. The general "body-type" of the Hawker Solo bares slight resemblances to the Mercedes SLR McLaren.

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