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Picture Paradise is a special mode of gameplay in Burnout Paradise. When the player leaves their car idle when not in an online environment, their car will turn off. After a few seconds, Picture Paradise will kick in.



An example of Picture Paradise on Angus Wharf.

Picture Paradise is, in a sense, a screensaver for Burnout Paradise. After leaving their car idle, the screen will fade out, and fade back in again in a movie widescreen format with the Picture Paradise logo in the bottom. The camera slowly and gracefully moves across the local area where the player parked their car, turning to show off any landmarks along the way. If the player is listening to the Original Soundtrack, the music will also switch to classical music, by such classical music legends as Ludwig van Beethoven, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Update Changes[]

Over the course of the free downloadable updates, made available during 2008, several changes to Picture Paradise were made. The first, from Cagney, was the increase of the time it took to activate Picture Paradise, from ten seconds to twenty. The second came in the same update, allowing players to listen to the Classical music heard in Picture Paradise in while outside said mode. The third update came in the Burnout Bikes update, which removed a black and white filter applied whenever the mode was on, to compliment the classical music.


  • Picture Paradise cannot be activated when playing online.
  • If the player has the music option disabled normal noises, such as construction or traffic, will be heard instead.